TripleDES privacy protocol implementation class.

Namespace: SnmpSharpNet
Assembly: SnmpSharpNet (in SnmpSharpNet.dll) Version: (0.9.1)


public class Privacy3DES : IPrivacyProtocol
Visual Basic
Public Class Privacy3DES _
	Implements IPrivacyProtocol
Visual C++
public ref class Privacy3DES : IPrivacyProtocol


TripleDES privacy implementation is based on the Internet Draft proposal to the SNMPv3 Working Group titled: Extension to the User-Based Security Model (USM) to Support Triple-DES EDE in "Outside" CBC Mode High level, TripleDES privacy in SNMPv3 uses DES-EDE. What this means is that a key is generated that is 24 bytes long. This key is split into 3 * 8 byte keys suitable for use with DES. Keys are then used to perform ecryption, decryption and another encryption using DES. Additionally, each block is XORed with the previous block of encrypted data, or if working on the first block, IV value. For details see draft-reeder-snmpv3-usm-3desede-00.txt. Important: TripleDES privacy protocol is not based on a standard. This extension to the USM standard has been proposed and has expired without approval or move to the standards track. Some vendors have implemented this privacy protocol and for the completeness of the library, it has been included in SnmpSharpNet. Troubleshooting of TripleDES encryption is difficult because of the low availability so if you find problems with the SnmpSharpNet implementation, please try to provide me with as much detail, both about your code and the type/version/mode of the agent you are working with.

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