The SnmpV3Packet type exposes the following members.


Public propertyIsDiscoveryPacket
Packet is a discovery request
Public propertyIsNotification
Packet is a notification
(Inherited from SnmpPacket.)
Public propertyIsReport
Packet is a report
(Inherited from SnmpPacket.)
Public propertyIsReportable
Get or set SNMP version 3 packet Reportable flag in the message flags section. By default this value is set to true.
Public propertyIsRequest
Packet is a request
(Inherited from SnmpPacket.)
Public propertyIsResponse
Packet is a response
(Inherited from SnmpPacket.)
Public propertyMaxMessageSize
Get maximum message size to be sent to the agent in the request.
Public propertyMessageId
Get SNMP version 3 message id object.
Public propertyMsgFlags
Message flags interface. Allows you to directly set or clear SNMP version 3 header flags field. Available flags are MsgFlags.Authentication, MsgFlags.Privacy and MsgFlags.Reportable. Please be careful how you use this property. After setting authentication or privacy parameters to true, you will need to update UserSecurityModel authentication and privacy types to the correct values otherwise encoding/decoding will not work.
Public propertyPdu
Override base class implementation. Returns class ScopedPdu cast as Pdu
(Overrides SnmpPacket..::..Pdu.)
Public propertyScopedPdu
Access packet ScopedPdu class.
Public propertyUSM
Get UserSecurityModel class reference.
Public propertyVersion
SNMP Protocol version
(Inherited from SnmpPacket.)

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