Overload List

Public methodSet(IPAddress)
Set class value from the IPAddress argument
Public methodSet(String)
Sets the class value to the IP address parsed from the string parameter.
(Overrides OctetString..::..Set(String).)
Public methodSet(UInt32)
Set class value from 32-bit unsigned integer value representation of the IP address value
Public methodSet(Byte)
Set class value to an array 1 byte long and set the value to the supplied argument.
(Inherited from OctetString.)
Public methodSet(array<Byte>[]()[][])
Set class value from the argument byte array. If byte array argument is null or length == 0, internal OctetString buffer is set to null.
(Inherited from OctetString.)
Public methodSet(Int32, Byte)
Set value at specified position to the supplied value
(Inherited from OctetString.)

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