Simple Network Management Protocol Open Source library written in c# with support for SNMP version 1, 2c and 3.


Public classAgentParameters
SNMP Agent specific values.
Public classAsnType
Base class for all ASN.1 value classes
Public classAuthentication
Authentication helper class
Public classAuthenticationMD5
MD5 Authentication class.
Public classAuthenticationSHA1
SHA-1 Authentication class.
Public classCounter32
SMI Counter32 type implementation.
Public classCounter64
ASN.1 Counter64 value implementation.
Public classEndOfMibView
Returned when end of MIB has been reached when performing GET-NEXT or GET-BULK operations.
Public classEthernetAddress
EthernetAddress class encapsulates a 6 byte OctetString representing an Ethernet MAC address.
Public classGauge32
ASN.1 Gauge32 value class.
Public classInteger32
ASN.1 Integer32 class.
Public classIpAddress
ASN.1 IPAddress type implementation
Public classMsgFlags
Message flags in the SNMP v3 header.
Public classMutableByte
Mutable byte implementation class
Public classNoSuchInstance
SNMPv2 noSuchInstance error
Public classNoSuchObject
SNMPv2 NoSuchObject error
Public classNull
ASN.1 Null value implementation.
Public classOctetString
ASN.1 OctetString type implementation
Public classOid
SMI Object Identifier type implementation.
Public classOpaque
Opaque type is an application-wide type supports the capability to pass arbitrary ASN.1 syntax
Public classPdu
SNMP Protocol Data Unit
Public classPrivacy3DES
TripleDES privacy protocol implementation class.
Public classPrivacyAES
AES privacy protocol implementation class.
Public classPrivacyAES128
AES 128-bit key size privacy protocol implementation class.
Public classPrivacyAES192
Privacy class for AES 192-bit encryption. This is a helper class. Full functionality is implemented in PrivacyAES parent class.
Public classPrivacyAES256
Privacy class for AES 256-bit encryption. This is a helper class. Full functionality is implemented in PrivacyAES parent class.
Public classPrivacyDES
DES privacy protocol implementation class.
Public classPrivacyProtocol
Privacy protocol helper class.
Public classScopedPdu
SNMP Version 3 Scoped Protocol Data Unit.
Public classSecureAgentParameters
Secure SNMPv3 agent parameters
Public classSequence
Represents SNMP sequence
Public classSimpleSnmp
Utility class to enable simplified access to SNMP version 1 and version 2 requests and replies.
Public classSnmpAuthenticationException
Exception of this type is thrown when SNMP version 3 packet containing authentication information has failed authentication check.
Public classSnmpConstants
SNMP SMI version 1, version 2c and version 3 constants.
Public classSnmpDecodingException
Exception thrown on failure to decode BER encoded information.
Public classSnmpError
Helper returns error messages for SNMP v1 and v2 error codes
Public classSnmpErrorStatusException
Exception thrown by SimpleSnmp methods when SNMP request returned a SnmpStatus error in the reply and SuppressExceptions flag is set to false.
Public classSnmpException
SNMP generic exception. Thrown every time SNMP specific error is encountered.
Public classSnmpInvalidPduTypeException
Exception thrown when specific PDU type was expected and a different type was received.
Public classSnmpInvalidVersionException
Exception thrown when invalid SNMP version was encountered in the packet
Public classSnmpNetworkException
SNMP network exception
Public classSnmpPacket
Base SNMP packet class.
Public classSnmpPrivacyException
Privacy encryption or decryption exception
Public classSnmpV1Packet
SNMP version 1 packet class.
Public classSnmpV1TrapPacket
SNMP version 1 TRAP packet class.
Public classSnmpV2Packet
SNMP version 2 packet class.
Public classSnmpV3Packet
SNMP version 3 packet implementation class.
Public classSNMPV3ReportError
SNMP class translates SNMP version 3 report errors into error strings.
Public classSnmpVariableType
Class containing SNMP type constants usable in switch/case evaluation of variable types.
Public classTimeTicks
SMI TimeTicks class
Public classTrapAgent
Send SNMP Trap notifications
Public classTrapPdu
SNMP version 1 TRAP Protocol Data Unit
Public classUdpTarget
Transport class for IPv4 using UDP
Public classUdpTransport
IP/UDP transport class.
Public classUInteger32
SMI unsigned 32-bit integer value class.
Public classUserSecurityModel
User security model implementation class.
Public classV2Error
Base class for SNMP version 2 error types.
Public classV2PartyClock
Defines an SNMPv2 Party Clock.
Public classVb
Vb item. Stores Oid => value pair for each value
Public classVbCollection
Variable Binding collection


Public interfaceIAgentParameters
Every agent parameters class implements this interface
Public interfaceIAuthenticationDigest
Authentication digest interface. Interface defines authentication methods for incoming and outgoing requests.
Public interfaceIPrivacyProtocol
Privacy protocol interface.


Public delegateSnmpAsyncResponse
Callback used to pass result of an async SNMP operation back to the caller.


Public enumerationAsyncRequestResult
Result codes sent by UdpTarget class to the SnmpAsyncCallback delegate.
Public enumerationAuthenticationDigests
Enumeration of available authentication digests
Public enumerationPduErrorStatus
Pdu and ScopedPdu error status value enumeration
Public enumerationPduType
Enumeration of available Protocol Data Unit types
Public enumerationPrivacyProtocols
Privacy protocol enumeration.
Public enumerationSnmpVersion
SNMP Version number enumeration