Make SNMP request. With this method you can make blocked SNMP version 1, 2 and 3 requests of type GET, GET-NEXT, GET-BULK, SET and REPORT (request types have to compatible with the SNMP protocol version you are using). This method will pass through any exceptions thrown by parsing classes/methods so see individual packet classes, ASN.1 type classes, authentication, privacy, etc. classes for exceptions thrown.

Namespace: SnmpSharpNet
Assembly: SnmpSharpNet (in SnmpSharpNet.dll) Version: (0.9.1)


public bool RequestAsync(
	Pdu pdu,
	IAgentParameters agentParameters,
	SnmpAsyncResponse responseCallback
Visual Basic
Public Function RequestAsync ( _
	pdu As Pdu, _
	agentParameters As IAgentParameters, _
	responseCallback As SnmpAsyncResponse _
) As Boolean
Visual C++
bool RequestAsync(
	Pdu^ pdu, 
	IAgentParameters^ agentParameters, 
	SnmpAsyncResponse^ responseCallback


Type: SnmpSharpNet..::..Pdu
Pdu class (do not pass ScopedPdu)
Type: SnmpSharpNet..::..IAgentParameters
Security information for the request. Use AgentParameters for SNMP versions 1 and 2 requests. Use SecureAgentParameters for SNMP version 3 requests.
Type: SnmpSharpNet..::..SnmpAsyncResponse
Callback that receives the result of the async operation.

Return Value

True if async request was successfully initiated, otherwise false.

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