Make SNMP Request

Namespace: SnmpSharpNet
Assembly: SnmpSharpNet (in SnmpSharpNet.dll) Version: (0.9.1)


public SnmpPacket Request(
	Pdu pdu,
	IAgentParameters agentParameters
Visual Basic
Public Function Request ( _
	pdu As Pdu, _
	agentParameters As IAgentParameters _
) As SnmpPacket
Visual C++
SnmpPacket^ Request(
	Pdu^ pdu, 
	IAgentParameters^ agentParameters


Type: SnmpSharpNet..::..Pdu
Pdu class (do not pass ScopedPdu)
Type: SnmpSharpNet..::..IAgentParameters
Security information for the request. Use AgentParameters for SNMP versions 1 and 2 requests. Use SecureAgentParameters for SNMP version 3 requests.

Return Value

Appropriate SNMP packet class for the reply received (SnmpV1Packet, SnmpV2Packet, or SnmpV3Packet. Null value if there was an error with the request.


Make SNMP request. With this method you can make blocked SNMP version 1, 2 and 3 requests of type GET, GET-NEXT, GET-BULK, SET and REPORT (request types have to compatible with the SNMP protocol version you are using). This method will pass through any exceptions thrown by parsing classes/methods so see individual packet classes, ASN.1 type classes, authentication, privacy, etc. classes for exceptions thrown.


SnmpSharpNet..::..SnmpAuthenticationExceptionThrown on SNMPv3 requests when authentication password is not specified on authNoPriv or authPriv requests in SecureAgentParameters or if incoming packet authentication check failed. With SNMP ver1 and ver2c, authentication check fails when invalid community name is parsed in the reply.
SnmpSharpNet..::..SnmpPrivacyExceptionThrown on SNMPv3 requests when privacy password is not specified in SecureAgentParameters on authPriv requests.
SnmpSharpNet..::..SnmpExceptionThrown in following cases: * IAgentParameters.Valid() returned false. SnmpException.ErrorCode is set to SnmpException.InvalidIAgentParameters * No data received on request. SnmpException.ErrorCode is set to SnmpException.NoDataReceived * Invalid RequestId in reply. SnmpException.ErrorCode is set to SnmpException.InvalidRequestId

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