Decode BER encoded ScopedPdu values. This method does not perform SNMP v3 privacy operations and is not aware of privacy requirements. To decode a privacy protected SNMP v3 packet, you will need to a) extract OctetString value holding encrypted ScopedPdu data, b) decrypt the encrypted ScopedPdu data into an unecrypted byte array, c) pass unencrypted ScopedPdu and BER encoded byte array to this method for final data conversion from BER into individual sequences and variables.

Namespace: SnmpSharpNet
Assembly: SnmpSharpNet (in SnmpSharpNet.dll) Version: (0.9.1)


public override int decode(
	byte[] buffer,
	int offset
Visual Basic
Public Overrides Function decode ( _
	buffer As Byte(), _
	offset As Integer _
) As Integer
Visual C++
virtual int decode(
	array<unsigned char>^ buffer, 
	int offset
) override


Type: array<System..::..Byte>[]()[][]
Buffer holding BER encoded ScopedPdu data
Type: System..::..Int32
Offset within the buffer BER encoded ScopedPdu data begins.

Return Value

Offset position after parsed ScopedPdu


SnmpSharpNet..::..SnmpDecodingExceptionError was encountered when decoding the PDU
System..::..OverflowExceptionThrown when buffer is too short to contain the PDU

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