The SnmpConstants type exposes the following members.


Public fieldStatic memberAuthenticationFailure
Authentication-failure trap
Public fieldStatic memberColdStart
Cold start trap
Public fieldStatic memberEgpNeighborLoss
EGP Neighbor Loss trap
Public fieldStatic memberenterpriseSpecific
Enterprise specific error
Public fieldStatic memberEnterpriseSpecific
Enterprise Specific trap
Public fieldStatic memberErrAuthorizationError
Authorization failed
Public fieldStatic memberErrBadValue
Invalid value
Public fieldStatic memberErrCommitFailed
Unable to commit values
Public fieldStatic memberErrGenError
Generic error
Public fieldStatic memberErrInconsistentName
Inconsistent object identifier
Public fieldStatic memberErrInconsistentValue
Inconsistent value
Public fieldStatic memberErrNoAccess
Access denied
Public fieldStatic memberErrNoCreation
Insufficient rights to perform create operation
Public fieldStatic memberErrNoError
No error
Public fieldStatic memberErrNoSuchName
Object identifier does not exist
Public fieldStatic memberErrNotWritable
Instance not writable
Public fieldStatic memberErrReadOnly
Requested invalid operation on a read only table
Public fieldStatic memberErrResourceUnavailable
Requested resource is not available
Public fieldStatic memberErrTooBig
Request too big
Public fieldStatic memberErrUndoFailed
Undo request failed
Public fieldStatic memberErrWrongEncoding
Invalid encoding
Public fieldStatic memberErrWrongLength
Incorrect length
Public fieldStatic memberErrWrongType
Incorrect type
Public fieldStatic memberErrWrongValue
Object does not have correct value
Public fieldStatic memberLinkDown
Link down trap
Public fieldStatic memberLinkUp
Link up trap
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_APPSTRING
An application string is a sequence of octets defined at the application level. Although the SMI does not define an Application String, it does define an IP Address which is an Application String of length four.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_APPSTRING_STR
String representation of the SMI_APPSTRING type.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_COUNTER32
A non-negative integer that may be incremented, but not decremented. The value is a 32-bit unsigned quantity representing the range of zero to 2^32-1 (4,294,967,295). When the counter reaches its maximum value it wraps back to zero and starts again.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_COUNTER32_STR
String representation of the SMI_COUNTER32 type.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_COUNTER64
Defines a 64-bit unsigned counter. A counter is an integer that can be incremented, but cannot be decremented. A maximum value of 2^64 - 1 (18,446,744,073,709,551,615) can be represented. When the counter reaches it's maximum it wraps back to zero and starts again.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_COUNTER64_STR
String representation of the SMI_COUNTER64 type.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_ENDOFMIBVIEW
The SNMPv2 error representing the End-Of-Mib-View. This error variable will be returned by a SNMPv2 agent if the requested object identifier has reached the end of the agent's mib table and there is no lexicographic successor.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_GAUGE32
Represents a non-negative integer that may increase or decrease with a maximum value of 2^32-1. If the maximum value is reached the gauge stays latched until reset.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_GAUGE32_STR
String representation of the SMI_GAUGE32 type.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_INTEGER
Signed 32-bit integer ASN.1 data type. For implementation, see Integer32
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_INTEGER_STR
String representation of the AsnType.INTEGER type.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_IPADDRESS
An IP Address is an application string of length four and is indistinguishable from the SMI_APPSTRING value. The address is a 32-bit quantity stored in network byte order.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_IPADDRESS_STR
String representation of the SMI_IPADDRESS type.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_NOSUCHINSTANCE
The SNMPv2 error representing that there is No-Such-Instance for a particular object identifier. This error is the result of a requested object identifier instance does not exist in the agent's tables.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_NOSUCHOBJECT
The SNMPv2 error representing that there is No-Such-Object for a particular object identifier. This error is the result of a requested object identifier that does not exist in the agent's tables
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_NULL
Null ASN.1 value type. For implementation, see Null.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_NULL_STR
String representation of the SMI_NULL type.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_OBJECTID
Object id ASN.1 type. For implementation, see Oid
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_OBJECTID_STR
String representation of the SMI_OBJECTID type.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_OPAQUE
Used to support the transport of arbitrary data. The data itself is encoded as an octet string, but may be in any format defined by ASN.1 or another standard.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_OPAQUE_STR
String representation of the SMI_OPAQUE type.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_PARTY_CLOCK
Defines an SNMPv2 Party Clock. The Party Clock is currently Obsolete, but included for backwards compatibility. Obsoleted in RFC 1902.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_SEQUENCE
SEQUENCE Variable Binding code. Hex value: 0x30
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_STRING
Data type representing a sequence of zero or more 8-bit byte values. For implementation, see OctetString
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_STRING_STR
String representation of the AsnType.OCTETSTRING type.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_TIMETICKS
This represents a non-negative integer that counts time, modulo 2^32. The time is represented in hundredths (1/100th) of a second.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_TIMETICKS_STR
String representation of the SMI_TIMETICKS type.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_UNKNOWN_STR
String representation of the unknown SMI data type.
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_UNSIGNED32
Used to represent the integers in the range of 0 to 2^32-1. This type is identical to the SMI_COUNTER32 and are indistinguishable in ASN.1
Public fieldStatic memberSMI_UNSIGNED32_STR
String representation of the SMI_UNSIGNED32 type.
Public fieldStatic membersnmpInvalidMsgs
SNMP version 3, USM error
Public fieldStatic membersnmpUnknownPDUHandlers
SNMP version 3, USM error
Public fieldStatic membersnmpUnknownSecurityModels
SNMP version 3, USM error
Public fieldStatic memberSysUpTime
sysUpTime.0 OID is the first value in the VarBind array of SNMP version 2 TRAP packets
Public fieldStatic memberTrapObjectId
trapObjectID.0 OID is the second value in the VarBind array of SNMP version 2 TRAP packets
Public fieldStatic memberusmStatsDecryptionErrors
SNMP version 3, USM error
Public fieldStatic memberusmStatsNotInTimeWindows
SNMP version 3, USM error
Public fieldStatic memberusmStatsUnknownEngineIDs
SNMP version 3, USM error
Public fieldStatic memberusmStatsUnknownSecurityNames
SNMP version 3, USM error
Public fieldStatic memberusmStatsUnsupportedSecLevels
SNMP version 3, USM error
Public fieldStatic memberusmStatsWrongDigests
SNMP version 3, USM error
Public fieldStatic memberv3ErrorOids
Array of all SNMP version 3 REPORT packet error OIDs
Public fieldStatic memberWarmStart
Warm start trap

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