The ScopedPdu type exposes the following members.


Protected field_asnType
ASN.1 type byte.
(Inherited from AsnType.)
Protected field_contextEngineId
Context Engine Id variable.
Protected field_contextName
Context name variable
Protected field_errorIndex
Error index value.
(Inherited from Pdu.)
Protected field_errorStatus
Error status value.
(Inherited from Pdu.)
Protected field_requestId
Request id value.
(Inherited from Pdu.)
Protected field_trapObjectID
SNMPv2 trap second Vb is the trap object ID.
(Inherited from Pdu.)
Protected field_trapTimeStamp
SNMPv2 trap first Vb is the trap time stamp. To create an SNMPv2 TRAP packet, set the timestamp value in this variable
(Inherited from Pdu.)
Protected field_vbs
Variable binding collection
(Inherited from Pdu.)

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