The SnmpPacket type exposes the following members.


Public methodSnmpPacket()()()()
Constructor. Sets SNMP version to SNMPV1.
Public methodSnmpPacket(SnmpVersion)
Constructor. Initialize SNMP version as supplied.


Public methoddecode
Decode SNMP packet header. This class decodes the initial sequence and SNMP protocol version number.
Public methodencode()()()()
Place holder for derived class implementations.
Public methodencode(MutableByte)
Wrap BER encoded SNMP information contained in the parameter MutableByte class. Information in the parameter is prepended by the SNMP version field and wrapped in a sequence header. Derived classes call this method to finalize SNMP packet encoding.
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Public methodStatic memberGetProtocolVersion
Get SNMP protocol version from the packet. This routine does not verify if version number is valid. Caller should verify that returned value represents a valid SNMP protocol version number.
int protocolVersion = Packet.GetProtocolVersion(inPacket, inLength);
if( protocolVersion != -1 )
    if( protocolVersion == SnmpConstants.SNMPV1 || protocolVersion == SnmpConstants.SNMPV2 || protocolVersion == SnmpConstants.SNMPV3 )
        // do something
        Console.WriteLine("Invalid SNMP protocol version.");
    Console.WriteLine("Invalid SNMP packet.");
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Protected field_protocolVersion
SNMP protocol version


Public propertyIsNotification
Packet is a notification
Public propertyIsReport
Packet is a report
Public propertyIsRequest
Packet is a request
Public propertyIsResponse
Packet is a response
Public propertyPdu
Get Pdu
Public propertyVersion
SNMP Protocol version

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