The SecureAgentParameters type exposes the following members.


Public methodSecureAgentParameters()()()()
Public methodSecureAgentParameters(SecureAgentParameters)
Copy constructor. Initialize the class with the values of the parameter class values.


Public methodauthNoPriv
Prepare class for authNoPriv operations. Set privacy protocol to none
Public methodauthPriv
Prepare class for authPriv operations.
Public methodBuildCachedSecurityKeys
Build cached authentication and privacy encryption keys if they are appropriate for the selected security mode.
Public methodClone
Clone current object
Public methodEquals
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Protected methodFinalize
Allows an Object to attempt to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before the Object is reclaimed by garbage collection.
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Public methodGetCurrentEngineTime
Calculates and returns current agents engine time. ValidateEngineTime()()()() is called prior to calculation to make sure current engine time is timely enough to use. EngineTime is calculated as last received engine time + difference in seconds between the time stamp saved when last time value was received and current time (using the internal GMT clock).
Public methodGetHashCode
Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
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Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
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Public methodInitializePacket
InitializePacket SNMP packet with values from this class. Works only on SNMP version 3 packets.
Protected methodMemberwiseClone
Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.
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Public methodnoAuthNoPriv
Prepare class for noAuthNoPriv operations. Set authentication and privacy protocols to none.
Public methodReset
Reset the class. Initialize all member values to class defaults.
Public methodResetKeys
Reset privacy and authentication keys to null.
Public methodToString
Returns a String that represents the current Object.
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Public methodUpdateDiscoveryValues
Update class values with SNMP version 3 discovery values from the supplied SnmpV3Packet class. Values updated are EngineId, EngineTime and EngineBoots.
Public methodUpdateTimeStamp
Updates engine time timestamp. This value is used to determine if agents engine time stored in this class is valid. Timestamp is saved as DateTime class by default initialized to DateTime.MinValue. Timestamp value is stored in GMT to make it portable (if it is saved on one computer and loaded on another that uses a different time zone).
Public methodUpdateValues
Copy all relevant values from the SnmpV3Packet class. Do not use this class for updating the SNMP version 3 discovery process results because secret name, authentication and privacy values are updated as well which discovery process doesn't use.
Public methodValid
Checks validity of the class.
Public methodValidateEngineTime
Validate agents engine time. Valid engine time value is time that has been initialized to a value other then default (DateTime.MinValue is default set in the constructor) and that has been updated in the last 10 times the SNMP v3 timely window (150 seconds). In other words, valid time is any time value in the last 1500 seconds (or 25 minutes).
Public methodValidateIncomingPacket
Validate that incoming packet has arrived from the correct engine id and is using a correct combination of privacy and authentication values.


Protected field_authenticationKey
Cached authentication key
Protected field_authenticationProtocol
Authentication digest to use in authNoPriv and authPriv security combinations. For available authentication digests, see AuthenticationDigests enumeration.
Protected field_authenticationSecret
Authentication secret (or authentication password)
Protected field_contextEngineId
Context engine id. By default, this value is set to authoritative engine id value unless specifically set to a different value here.
Protected field_contextName
Context name. By default this value is a 0 length string (no context name). Set this value if you require it to be defined in ScopedPdu.
Protected field_engineBoots
Authoritative engine boots value
Protected field_engineId
Authoritative engine id
Protected field_engineTime
Authoritative engine time value
Protected field_engineTimeStamp
Time stamp when authoritative engine time value was last refreshed with data from the agent. This value is used to calculate up to date authoritative agent time value without having to repeat discovery process every 150 seconds.
Protected field_maxMessageSize
Maximum message size. This value is by default set to 64KB and then updated by the maximum message size value in the response from the agent. This value should be the smallest message size supported by both the agent and manager.
Protected field_privacyKey
Cached privacy key
Protected field_privacyProtocol
Privacy protocol to use. For available protocols, see PrivacyProtocols enumeration.
Protected field_privacySecret
Privacy secret (or privacy password)
Protected field_reportable
Reportable option flag. Set to true by default. This flag controls if reportable flag will be set in the packet. When this flag is set in the packet, agent will respond to invalid requests with Report packets. Without this flag being set, all invalid requests are silently dropped by the agent.
Protected field_securityName
Security name value, or user name.


Public propertyAuthentication
Authentication method. Acceptable values are members of AuthenticationDigests enum.
Public propertyAuthenticationKey
Get/Set cached authentication key value
Public propertyAuthenticationSecret
Authentication secret. Secret length depends on the hash algorithm selected.
Public propertyContextEngineId
Get SNMP version 3 context engine id. By default, this value will be set to the same engine id as authoritative engine id (EngineId). I haven't see a scenario where this value needs to be different by a manager but now there is an option to do it. To use the default operation, do not set this value or, if you've already set it, reset it to null (object.ContextEngineId.Reset()).
Public propertyContextName
Get SNMP version 3 context name
Public propertyEngineBoots
SNMP version 3 agent engine boots value
Public propertyEngineId
Agent authoritative engine id
Public propertyEngineTime
SNMP version 3 agent engine time value.
Public propertyHasCachedKeys
Check if cached privacy or authentication keys are available
Public propertyMaxMessageSize
Get SNMP version 3 maximum message size object
Public propertyPrivacy
Privacy protocol used. Acceptable values are members of PrivacyProtocols enum.
Public propertyPrivacyKey
Get/Set cached privacy key value
Public propertyPrivacySecret
Privacy secret. Length of the secret is dependent on the selected privacy method.
Public propertyReportable
Get/Set reportable flag status in the SNMP version 3 packet.
Public propertySecurityName
Security or user name configured on the SNMP version 3 agent.
Public propertyVersion
SNMP version. Only acceptable version is Ver3

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