The MsgFlags type exposes the following members.


Public methodMsgFlags()()()()
Standard constructor. All flags are set to false by default.
Public methodMsgFlags(Boolean, Boolean, Boolean)
Constructor. Initialize individual flag values.


Public methodClone
Clone this class.
(Overrides AsnType..::..Clone()()()().)
Public methoddecode
Decode message flags from the BER encoded buffer starting at specified offset.
(Overrides AsnType..::..decode(array<Byte>[]()[][], Int32).)
Public methodencode
Encode SNMP v3 message flag field
(Overrides AsnType..::..encode(MutableByte).)
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Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
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Protected field_asnType
ASN.1 type byte.
(Inherited from AsnType.)
Protected field_authenticationFlag
True if authentication is used to secure the packet, otherwise false.
Protected field_privacyFlag
True if ScopedPdu portion of the packet is privacy protected with encryption, otherwise false.
Protected field_reportableFlag
True if reportable flag is set, otherwise false.
Public fieldStatic memberFLAG_AUTH
Bit value that, when set, indicates that packet has been authenticated.
Public fieldStatic memberFLAG_PRIV
Bit value that, when set, indicates that packet has been privacy protected.
Public fieldStatic memberFLAG_REPORTABLE
Bit value that, when set, indicates that sender of the packet expects report packet to be sent by the agent on errors.


Public propertyAuthentication
Get/Set authentication flag. Value is true if authentication is used, false if packet is not authenticated
Public propertyPrivacy
Get/Set privacy flag. Value is true if privacy protection is used, false if packet is not privacy protected.
Public propertyReportable
Get/Set reportable flag. Value is true if sender expects report packet on errors, false if sender does not expect report packets.
Public propertyType
Get ASN.1 value type stored in this class.
(Inherited from AsnType.)

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